Interviewing Tips

Interviewing is an unnatural, yet necessary, act for most of us.  Not many people interview as well as they'd like.  Fortunately there is no end to the amount of interview information you can find in books or online, so I will not pretend to offer an all-inclusive list but rather a few simple tips that are sometimes overlooked.

Things To Remember:

Phone interviews:

  • Give the interview 100% of your attention.
  • Treat it like a face to face interview.
  • No distractions, no pets, radio, TV, or family members should be within earshot.
  • Find a quiet room and close the door.

Person to Person:

  • An interview is an opportunity for them to get to know you AND for you to get to know them.
  • Ask appropriate questions about the position and team; don't be the first to touch on benefits or pay.
  • People are most impressed by your conviction rather than by your persuasion.
  • Know your technology, but think PEOPLE.
  • Remember the two ears - one mouth rule.
  • Be yourself during the interview (the courteous, calm, professional you.)

All situations:

  • Prepare ahead of time, don't wait until the morning of your important interview to start thinking about it.
  • Be articulate, preparing ahead will help this tremendously
  • Nervous?  Channel that energy.


Customized Preparation:

Before interviews, Informatics Search Group candidates are provided a thorough preparation which combines both old and new techniques to reduce stress and thoughtfully communicate your abilities in relation to the specific role for which you are interviewing.


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