Employer Services

Informatics Search Group is focused on meeting your company's unique hiring goals. To gain the best insight on the demands of each role, we start with a detailed discussion with the hiring authority. We’ve found that utilizing industry awareness and then layering your organization’s specific requirements & preferences onto a carefully crafted recruitment process provides an enhanced experience for the candidate, and in turn, superior results for our clients. With a full range of solutions, we can offer you the flexibility you want at the pace you demand.

Contingency Recruitment Solutions:

Informatics Search Group offers contingency search to give companies a no risk option. You only pay a fee upon the hiring of our high impact talent.

Retained Recruitment Solutions:

If your need is more immediate, or the talent’s skills more in demand, we can dedicate blocks of time to focus exclusively on your specific solution until candidates are in your hands. Various levels of up-front commitment unlock plans from Priority Search to aggressive Networking/Marketing options, each with a customized search action plan.

Recruiting Insight:

"Why are we having difficulty filling this role?" We can help you answer that question and better understand the current hiring environment and competitive factors which may be affecting your organization’s ability to recruit talent.

Relocation Expertise:

Locating talent is only one part of the recruitment process. Making their relocation process move smoothly reaffirms the quality of your company's first impression and paves the way for a partnership with your employees. Informatics Search Group provides comprehensive logistics and coordination assistance that can make the relocation of your new hire more efficient and less stressful.


Our commitment does not end when our talent is hired. We stand behind our clients with a commitment to help retain key employees along with the talent you have hired from our partnership. After all, who better to help you understand how to keep people than a recruiter who knows the reasons why people leave?

Informatics Search Group is your Recruitment Solutions Partner. If you're ready to build your business with the right Impact Players, contact us.

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