Message from the Founder

A Candidate's Perspective:  One factor which allows Informatics Search Group to provide candidates a higher degree of customer service and value derives from the practice most recruiting firms utilize of staffing their offices with recent graduates and individuals with very limited personal work experience.  The common practice is to inexpensively hire people early in their career and train them in the ways of recruiting while they are, more or less, a 'blank slate.'  I was fortunate to have established a successful technical sales career before I entered recruiting in 1999 and, in such role, was frequently called by recruiters.  In the 8 years prior to my entering recruiting, I was placed twice by headhunters.

Having a background in customer service, I knew what made the process of being recruited often unpleasant for me: poor listening skills, lack of industry connections and knowledge, rigidity in after-hour availability, and a completely self-serving agenda, were just the top few deficiencies experienced.

Our intention is to provide a more service based alternative to the traditional Search Firm.  Interacting with thousands of people annually - we can't place everyone, but we can and will be happy to assist.  Your career is one of the most personal and defining items you'll build in your lifetime, explore your potential.

Hiring Managers:  Although every search does not necessarily end with a placed candidate here's what I can promise.  Managers who choose to work with Informatics Search Group receive Market insight on the availability and hiring trends for specific disciplines and vendor applications.  Your time will be greatly leveraged.  The message of your opportunity will be spread deeply into the peer community.  You won't be flooded with unqualified candidates.  Furthermore, your decisions won't meet resistance, only collaboration.  Your input will be used to improve screening and fine tune the search parameters so if the first candidate doesn't quite fit the qualifications, subsequent candidates will.

There are many advantages to working with a third party recruiter.  Interviewing recruited candidates may reinforce your confidence in a person you are already considering, or open your eyes to hiring possibilities you didn't know existed.

Jim Butler 

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