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To offer the best value to clients and candidates, Informatics Search Group is focused on providing Search and Recruitment services solely in the Healthcare Business and Information Technology Sector.  Although recruiting techniques are transferable, the same cannot be said regarding an understanding of the complexity of regulations, issues, and products in Healthcare IT and Business.


We build relationships.  When the entire foundation of our business is based on engaging and networking with select segments of one industry, you can trust our approach and follow through is designed to leave a long-lasting, positive impression.  We feel that word-of-mouth is still one of the most powerful public relations tools, so regardless of the outcome of an individual's contact with your organization, they will know that you cared enough about their recruiting experience to provide a concierge level of service.


Your hiring needs can change quickly and without advanced notice.  When a critical position is open, you don't have the luxury of waiting for the right candidate to apply.  While it is important to fill key positions quickly, different roles may necessitate different strategies to efficiently attract and benefit from the best selection of qualified candidates.  We also understand that we may only be one of a number of resources that you may use for your hiring needs. That's why we're flexible and offer a variety of services to help you meet your objectives.


Contingency Search:

Contingency Search allows you to add a new method of increasing your pool of qualified candidates with minimal upfront commitment.  After a comprehensive discussion about the requirements, responsibilities, factors that make your position unique or hard-to-fill, and also why your organization is a great place to work, - your opportunity is presented to subject matter experts who are using the Healthcare and Data Management applications your organization uses. 

Your toughest open positions get professional attention from interviewing though start date.  Informatics Search Group incorporates advanced technical screening, followed-up with detailed presentations to potential candidates.  Your organization benefits from a high level of technical screening, followed-up with detailed presentations to potentially interested professionals.

Hiring managers are introduced to professionals with the initiative, experience, work ethic, and leadership to closely match your company's requirements and culture.  A fee is only generated if you hire a candidate presented by ISG.

Priority Search:

The primary difference between Contingency and Priority/Retained Search is the amount of search time budgeted to your specific position and the exclusivity of candidates.

Priority Search is the most popular upgraded search offering.  It provides the combination of a dedicated search process and candidate exclusivity, along with exceptional flexibility to a.) Still fill the position on your own, b.) Close the position, or c.) Gauge our understanding and effectiveness prior to assigning full exclusivity.  Priority Search offers the value of dedicated search services without the large financial commitment required of full retainer contracts.  With Priority, we commit a significant portion of each work week to your position(s) which take precedence over all contingency searches.

Retained Search:

Retained Search is our highest level of collaboration. It combines search and marketing techniques designed to increase the number of presented candidates and drive the volume of qualified applicants who apply online. It incorporates targeted engagement of hard to find candidates with 30 day exclusivity.  Ideal when reducing time to fill is paramount; Retained Search can be implemented for sensitive hiring situations in which confidentiality is necessary, or when your Opportunity needs to reach the widest audience quickly.  Informatics Search Group fills in as your company's directed recruiting resource leaving staff free to devote to other projects.

Retained Advisor:

Designed for organizations which desire non-traditional recruiting assistance, the Retained Advisor Program can be used to augment current recruitment efforts and work in anticipation of future needs.  Based on the level of service selected; organizations can opt for assistance on strategic long term recruiting projects, best practices to enrich internal recruiting capabilities, or a combination of the two.

Retained advisor clients can tailor their plan with long term search, customized ads, recruitment consultation, script development, email composition, effective cold recruiting strategies, triage, individual coaching, and more.

The retained advisor puts a recruitment professional at your disposal for a specified term and provides long term strategic recruiting methodology coupled with creative approaches to help lower long-term recruiting costs.

For more detailed information regarding the above search options and the services we offer with each, click here or call (530) 746-2056 to get the process started.

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