Resume Advice

Having trouble getting started?  Can't think of anything to write down about what you do in your job? Answer some of these questions. We guarantee that you will come up with some new ideas about your job responsibilities and skills.

  • What experience, skills, aptitudes, or traits do you have, or think you might have, that could be of some use to some employer?
  • What skills have you developed, at least to some degree, that you have never used at work?
  • Do others at work or elsewhere, come to you for any particular kind of help? What kind?
  • Do you have military experience? Provide details such as branch, grade, specialty, discharge status, duties, accomplishments, medals, citations, or commendations.  Did you receive promotions ahead of schedule?
  • Does your military experience relate to the job for which you are applying?
  • Have you ever published an article, report, or anything, even as a volunteer? How about a company or professional association newsletter?
  • Have you ever given a talk, speech, or presentation, or provided training to anyone at work or elsewhere? Give the specifics.
  • Computer literacy and related skills: What platforms or operating systems do you use? List software, programs, internet skills etc.
  • What foreign languages do you know, and what is your level of skill in each (native speaker; fluent; moderate; phrase-book etc.)?
  • Do you have any special travel experience, domestic or foreign? If you studied, lived, or worked in a foreign country, how long were you there?

Responsibilities / Activities

  • How many people did you supervise? Hire? Train?
  • How large of a budget did you manage?
  • Who do you report to?
  • What was the highest level in the company that you reported to or communicated with directly?
  • Serve as liaison between groups or key individuals?
  • Did you do, or participate in, strategic planning?
  • Did you evaluate any individual or group performance, or any task or project research?
  • Can you rate your applications and tools in order of proficiency?
  • Did you communicate with customers? How?
  • Were you on any project teams, in-house or with a customer or subcontractor? Did the project succeed?  Measurably?
  • What was your function on the team, & your contribution to success?
  • Did you communicate with contractors or vendors? How?
  • Did you evaluate or purchase services or software for the office, unit, department?
  • Ever serve as a troubleshooter? In what area?
  • Did you back up other applications, people? Who?
  • Did you determine or collect requirements?
  • Prepare recommendations?
  • Design or manage any processes, systems, or projects?
  • Did you gain experience in any special use software? Analytical or evaluative procedures? Equipment or hardware?
  • What kind of writing did you do, for yourself or someone else? What did you write about?
  • Did you write anything that was delivered to a customer as a product, or part of one?
  • How much reduction in costs or increase in profits did you contribute to?
  • Did you add any smoothness, quality, or economy of operation that noticeably improved workflow adherence?
  • Did you propose, suggest, or initiate any programs, changes, or improvements that were implemented at least partly because of your initiative?
  • What positive results occurred?
  • What did you do as a volunteer, beyond the regular duties of your position?

Awards / Recognition

  • Were you praised, recognized, or given a pat on the back for anything - a particular assignment, a method of working, a trait of character? How? By whom?
  • Were you promoted ahead of schedule?
  • Selected for any special responsibilities or programs?

Next Step

After you've written and formatted your resume give us a call.  We offer advanced assessment and feedback to help you fine tune your final product.

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